MS&T 2016

ACERDE will be presenting at MS&T 2016, in Salt Lake City, October 23-27, 2016.

Reclaim of Medical X-ray Tube Targets

Abstract: Medical X-ray tubes typically have 6 figure price tags and the X-ray target component can represent up to 30% of their cost.  An X-ray target, endures temperatures >2000C, high voltage (>100kV), rotating at speeds >120Hz while under high vacuum, however less than 4% of the target mass is consumed during the life of the X-ray tube.  A commercially viable coating process has been developed to replace this consumed material allowing the X-ray target to be reused to significantly reduce the target lifetime component cost and improve the utilization of the precious and refractory metals used to produce them.


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Light Rotating Anodes,

an innovative solution in X-ray tubes


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